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Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening  ワードプレス・プラグインを、生徒さんのサイトに導入しています。


Subject: Failed Login

Login Info:
Time: 2016年4月23日 11:26 AM

Website Info:
IP Address: xxx.138.169.207

User authentication failed: admin

Explanation: Someone failed to login to your site. If you are getting too many of these messages, it is likely your site is under a password guessing brute-force attack [1]. You can disable the failed login alerts from here [2]. Alternatively, you can consider to install a firewall between your website and your visitors to filter out these and other attacks, take a look at Sucuri CloudProxy [3].


About the author: 横浜ワードプレス教室 鎌田裕二

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